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The Process

Preparing for Planetarium Adventures:

The traveling planetarium is designed for 25 students, a typical class size.  The silver dome is 20′ in diameter and 12′ tall.  It sets up in about 15 minutes. Recommended locations are a gym, cafeteria, library, or a large lobby. During class time, the STARLAB needs to be away from noise distractions.   A teacher or other adult needs to accompany the students into the STARLAB, except for Workshops, Enrichment classes, and Astronomy Club.



Programs: $125 Per Program

3+ Programs: $110 Per Program

Daily Rate: 6 Programs in one day only $540. That’s $90 Per Program

Residency: $1700 For 4-5 consecutive days which includes twenty programs. Add $85 per additional program!

Funding Ideas: BOCES Aid Eligible, PTO/PTA, Local Business              Sponsors Grants  – Parents Pay $3-4 per Child

Traveling Fee: Please note that there may be a small travel fee for programs outside area**


All programs are about 45- 60 minutes in duration but can be adapted to a specific need.
Feel Free to contact me for further info on all our classes and workshop, I’ll be glad to explain the details. Sincerely, Chris Grubb Program Director

518-701-6566  – starlababcd@yahoo.com

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