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starlab mythology photo Program Descriptions:

ABC’s of the Sky (Grades Pre-K-2)

In the STARLAB, the students will be introduced to astronomy following the alphabet format from astronaut to Zodiac.  The level of vocabulary increases with the grade level of students.  Topics covered range from astronomers, telescopes, constellations, planets and space discoveries.

Explore the Solar System (Grades 2-7)

Fasten your seat belts as we travel past all the planets, spin through the asteroid belt and count the many moons of our Solar System.  Students will compare the planets on many levels.  They will discover what makes the planets spin/rotate and how and why they orbit.  The Grand Finale to the Milky Way is worth the trip.

Constellations/Tonight’s Sky (Grades 3-8)

A crystal clear view of thousands of stars will be set for tonight’s sky.  Students discover that the stars move in a predictable pattern across the sky.  They will learn to navigate to the North Star and around the Circumpolar Constellations.  The thousands of stars transform into the shapes in the sky such as Orion “the Hunter”, Cygnus “the Swan”, Ursa Major, Canis Major and Gemini Twins.

Star Stories (Grades K-12)

Among the twinkling stars the pictures appear defining over 40 “official” constellations seen from our latitude.  Star stories from hundreds and thousands of years ago will be told in a fun and memorable format.  A demonstration of the earth’s orbit shows the zodiac constellations also known as the “circle of animals”–calendar of ancient times.  Star Stories inspires students to create their own star story of today’s culture.

Native American Star Stories (Grades 3-6)

Discover the night sky as the Native Americans did hundreds of years ago in our own county.  Each tribe has created their own constellations and the stories give us a view of their culture and how their life experiences were associated with the stars, moon and Milky Way.  A sample of the some of the tribes we will learn from are Navajo, Iroquois, Cherokee and Zuni.

Greek Mythology (Grades 3-7)

The STARLAB will bring us back 2000 years to Ancient Greek times to see the stars transform into characters of famous Greek Mythology.  King Cepheus, Queen Cassiopeia, Hercules, Cygnus the Swan, Hydra the Water snake and other heroes, goddesses and monsters.  The myths are retold in a version that is appropriate for the age group.  This journey provides a great ancient history lesson, cultural arts and science.

 Moon Walk! (Grades 3-6)

Inside the STARLAB students will use moon balls to observe each phase of the moon and make predictions as to why we only see parts of the moon during a lunar month.  We will also observe each phase of the moon using the STARLAB as well as discuss moon features using moon maps.

It’s Only the Season (Grades 4-8)

Using data work sheets, students observe and record the position of the sun and make predictions of its apparent path through the sky during the year.

The Life of a Star and Our Sun (Grades 4-8)

Surrounded by sparkling stars, the students will learn about the life cycle of a star and spot nebula in the constellation Orion.  Students will compare stars by color, size, distance and brightness.  In the STARLAB, the will be able to locate and identify some of the brightest stars.  The importance of the North Star will be explained.  Then we will turn our focus to our star and learn many interesting facts about the sun– our star.

“Make a Comet” (all ages)

Have you ever wondered what a comet is? Or what they are made of? Or even know what they are? Comets are ancient relics, icy Solar System bodies from when the Solar System was first forming billions of years ago. Once in a while a comet journey’s into the Solar System from far away in a sling shot orbit around the Sun before it races back out into the far reaches of the Solar System. In this program we will make a comet and learn some interesting facts about these ancient relics! Fee for this is $150 + supply costs

Stories under the Stars” (all ages)

Which is a program where I share stories and constellations around a campfire or to a larger group outside at night. Fee for this program is $200.



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