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Feed Back:

We would love to hear about your experiences with Planetarium Adventure.  Have you seen us at your School, Camp, Birthday Party or at a Community Event?

Share your thoughts with us.


1. Kevin MacKenzie - January 14, 2011


What a great site! Wish you were here in Oregon still so you could shine your lights for Kai and Liem.

Best to you and the family old friend!


2. Chris - November 6, 2011

Dear Mr. Grubb,
Thank you for taking time out of your day to come to our school and letting us in your planetarium. Also thank you for showing us the constellations. my favorite part was when you told us those myths.

4th grader, Wood Rd. Elem.
Ballston Spa, NY

3. Cara Pilch - December 6, 2011

Dear Mr. Grubb,
Thank you for showing us the awesome Starlab presentation. Thank you for telling us how to find constellations and the North Star. You did really good presenting the moon phases.Thank you for showing us the pictures in the book. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to our school.We learned a lot and hope you will come back.
Miss Pilch’s fifth grade class

4. Brandon & Giancarlo - December 22, 2011

Chris, On behalf of our family, and Cub Scout Pack 3031, Niskayuna, NY, my son and I want to thank you for the Solar System presentation you did last night. We have been to many entertaining planetarium shows, but we think your program is better. In addition to being entertained, we learned much more with you. Having you in the middle of the Starlab pointing things out with a laser pointer and talking us through the solar system was great! We have to get you into our school. Thank you.

5. Ms. Salerno - January 18, 2012

We just spent 2 days learning about the sun, the moon, and the stars with Chris! Well worth it! I wish we could have him visit us more often. He really brings space to life. Highly recomend all of his programs.

6. Sebastian - January 27, 2012

chris i loved the big blow up tent that you brought when you came to my school

7. McKenna - January 27, 2012

Wow! This presitation came to our school science fair and did a great job. We learned a lot about the planets and stars. He also showed us a bunch of constilations. It was close to 20 minutes long and could fit a lot of kids in this blow up dome that he taught us in. He also had us take our shoes of. He turned of all the lights and then showed us the stars. He did 3 shows that were all the same and did a really great job on all three. He also said at the end that we could take his card and he would go to girl scouts or boy scouts or cub scout meetings. i hope i can see him soon.

8. Allie - January 27, 2012

Dear Chris,
Hi! I was at Family Science Night Yesterday and I want to thank you for telling Greek Myths during the last show

9. thomas - January 27, 2012

this place came to my school and it was so much fun we all crawled in this tube and after you get inside he showed us a bunch of stars

10. Nadine DesPres - January 31, 2012

Chris, thank you once again for always making yourself available at our Science Saturdays here at Joseph Henry. This past Saturday, you educated 146 students and their parents!!! What a wonderful aspect of education you provide, so much appreciated!! Until next year!!!

Fondly, Nadine

11. Leah Abatiell - February 4, 2012

Mr. Chris,
We look forward to your annual visit to Northeast School. Your presentations are always so informative. The kiddos love it and I learn something new every year!
Leah Abatiell

12. Meliss Woods - March 16, 2012

Dear Mr. Chris;
Thanks for coming to show us the stars, the animals in the sky, and telling us the interesting stories. It was cool to see the constellations. Thanks for showing us the pictures of the planets. We loved looking up at the stars. We liked looking at Taurus the bull, and Cancer the crab.
Mrs. Woods, Trinity, Lea, Stephen, Sara, Patty, Hunter, Ryan, Kurt, Ali, Nolan, Mrs. McFarland, Mrs. Riggi, and Ms. Szecheley

13. Valerie Valla - July 16, 2012

Hi, Chris,
I wanted to thank you for the fantastic planetarium visit on Thursday, June 21 at Ballston Spa Middle School. You took on the challenge of presenting to our sixth graders on the before they got out of school for the summer. What a success! The show was the only thing they talked about for the entire remainder of the day passing the word along about how awesome the exhibit was and how much was learned and enjoyed. The following day they were still talking about the show and how it was the best part of the entire year. The staff members who were fortunate enough to join the student groups (including me) could not agree more. We will have you again next year! Thank you for a very educational and enjoyable presentation.

Valerie Valla

14. Wendy Joy-Hayes - July 26, 2012

Hi Chris! July 26, 2012

Thank you so much for bringing your Star Lab and “Star Stories” to the Town of Chester Library. I had asked you to give two presentations (2 pm and 3:15…)because I had a feeling that there would be enough interest to fill both slots with the limit of 25 people per ‘show’…and both presentations were delightful!!! We probably could have filled a third! It’s great to hear the kids oohhhh and aahhhh as the night sky is filled with images from mythology…(even the ‘big kids’…) and you are a wonderful storyteller!

Looking forward to having you visit our Library again!
Take care,

15. Janet - January 30, 2013

We have Star Labs come to our elementary school’s family science night every year and the kids love it! Chris does three shows for us and they’re packed full each time. The kids love the stories Chris tells about the constellations. They get excited and noisy, but he is extremely patient with them. It’s clear that he loves what he does. Thank you for another great year!

16. Kristen Dutkiewicz - June 13, 2013

Chris just came with his Star Lab to our school. He did a show for 18 students with significant disabilities. From helping everyone get into the dome and adjusting his presentation to the comments and questions from the students, everything was perfect! It can be difficult to engage my students, but they have not stopped talking about it since he left! They absolutely loved the stories, the pictures and the names of the constellations. He sparked an interest in them that I didn’t even know was there. His presentation will absolutely be a part of our curriculum going forward!! His enthusiasm and knowledge were only outmatched by his patience for our students!

Thanks, Chris!!

17. Chris - September 29, 2014

“Chris came to present his “Stories Under the Stars” program at The Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid 3 times over the summer and did an amazing job! He shared Native American and Greek myths about the stars and constellations as the guests made s’mores over the fire. As it got darker he was able to point out several celestial objects from planets to constellations using his green laser pointer. He demonstrated great enthusiasm and knowledge with all the participants, both young and old. He was such a hit and a nice person that we have already scheduled him to come back over the Christmas holiday!”
The Whiteface Lodge

18. Jason - March 13, 2015

Planetarium Adventures has participated at the Hannaford Kidz Expo several times now and we welcome back this popular attraction each year. Chris goes above and beyond and is always great interacting with the kids. The past couple years Chris has performed a “Make a Comet” hands on experience which always draws a good crowd of eager young scientists to be. Thanks so much Chris. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

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