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About Planetarium Adventures

Planetarium Adventures is dedicated to enriching the minds of our nations’ greatest asset, our children. Through the use of science and how it applies to our universe, our goal is to enhance and nurture the natural desire for young minds to learn and explore. Portable Planetarium

Utilizing the StarLab™ Portable Planetarium System, Planetarium Adventures “Brings the Universe to the Classroom”, saving schools and organizations both time and money while affording participants the attention that big planetariums just cannot provide.

Instead of wasting valuable time traveling and spending your fixed budget dollars on high gas prices, not to mention the toll that travel time places on students; Planetarium Adventures allows your school to become a temporary, high tech planetarium.

A full outline of facilities needs and preparation is available. Teaching tools are also included that help cement the learning experience  long after the visit and it serves as an extra powerful tool for reinforcing your existing teaching curriculum.

Why Choose Planetarium Adventures?

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